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Welcome to the website of the Micali International law office

Within the website of the International Law office presided over and coordinated by it's owner, Fabio Micali of the Roman forum, you will find all the information necessary to understand the types of activities carried out within the office, how to request advice or a legal consultation, the available activities provided for training and updating, and finally what the procedures are for getting in contact with the professionals that practice in the office, through the contacts listed on the website.


Please note that in strict accordance with Articles 17 and 17a of the Italian Barristers Code of Ethics this website has been created solely for information purposes, and was created and structured providing accurate and truthful information without recourse to any form of laudatory, comparative or misleading advertising.


Criminal Law

crimes against property, the person, the state, development abuses, corporate crimes. 


Labour Law

 unfair dismissal,

demotion, harrassment.


Civil Law 

Debt recovery, compensation damages, professional liability in the medical field.


 Admnistrative Law

measures of denial, exlusion from tenders and contracts, exclusion from competitions.


Family Law

Separation, divorce,

child custody, adoptions.

 Proprety Law

adverse possession of property, eviction for arrears, ownership actions.